Humanitarian Mission Trip to Samaná, Dominican Republic, 2017.

Hispanic International Mission DO NOT charge any fee or contribution to our patients.

Every procedure perform by our team es completely Free for the community.   

Our volunteers generously pay their own airfare and all fees associated with their being a part of our team.

100% of your gifts and donations are used for expenses associated with buying materials and medication for our patients.

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HIM Team Leader:

-Dr. Aidee Nieto-Herman DMD, MScD

President & CEO of HIM

Venezuela – USA

-Dr. Zuzana Mendez DMD

Vice President of HIM

Dominican Republic – USA


Leaders from Samaná:

-Dr. Elsa De León Founder of Dr. Elsa De León Foundation

Dominican Republic

-Dr. Reimy Evangelista De León

Dentist - Treasurer of Dr. Elsa De León Foundation

Dominican Republic



-Dr. Thalita Andenmatten DDS HIM Team Captain, Brazil - USA

-Dr. Klinger Carvalho, DDS, Brazil - USA

-Dr. Lagina Bickham, DMD, USA

-Dr. Marlia Granigan, DDS, Brazil - USA

-Dr. Quyen Tran, DMD, Vietnam -  USA

-Dr. Stephanie Alonzo, DDS, Dominican Republic - USA

-Dr. Van Nguyen, DDS, Vietnam - USA

-Van Truong, RDH, Vietnam -  USA

-Diana Florencio, Dominican Republic - USA

-Brandon Chin, USA

-Helen Canals, Dominican Republic - USA

-Kamilla Batista, USA – Brazil

-Randy Huynh, USA

-Mariana Alonso, Mexico


Dominican Republic Local Dentists:

-Dr. Reimy Evangelista De León, DDS

-Dr. Yluminada De Leon, DDS

-Dr. Yamil Mercedes, DDS

-Dr. Albert Robles, DDS

-Dr. Jose Luis Espino, DDS

-Dr. Jaime Wilmore, DDS

                          HIM Total Patients: 738

                              Procedures: 1769


187 Patients:

55 Extractions

88 Prophylaxis

35 Operatives


125 Patients:

89 Extractions

65 Prophylaxis

33 Operatives


181 Patients:

166 Extractions

65 Prophylaxis

41 Operatives


158 Patients:

157 Extractions

77 Prophylaxis

37 Operatives



(Half Day)

87 Patients:

53 Extractions

48 Prophylaxis

22 Operatives

The HIM Team worked in an Elementary School called “Escuela Primaria Eliseo Demorizi.”

The HIM Team was assigned to different stations:

  • Medical and Dental Diagnoses

  • Prevention - Oral Health Education and Prophylaxis

  • Restorative

  • Oral Surgery


Medical and Dental Diagnoses

Dr. Zuzana Mendez

Dr. Albert Robles

Dr. Reimy Evangelista De León

Dr. Yamil Mercedes

Helen Canals (Assistant)


Prevention - Education and Prophylaxis

Dr. Aidee Nieto-Herman

Dr. Van Nguyen

Van Truong

Brandon Chin (Assistant)

Diana Florencio (Assistant)

Mariana Alonso (Assistant)

Randy Huynh (Assistant)



Dr. Klinger Carvalho

Dr. Marlia Granigan

Dr. Quyen Tran

Dr. Stephanie Alonzo

Dr. Thalita Andenmatten

Dr. Van Nguyen

Dr. Yamil Mercedes


Oral Surgery

Dr. Albert Robles

Dr. Jaime Wilmare

Dr. José Luis Pino

Dr. Klinger Carvalho

Dr. Lagina Bickham

Dr. Marlia Granigan

Dr. Quyen Tran

Dr. Reimy Evangelista

Dr. Stephanie Alonzo

Dr. Thalita Andenmatten

Dr. Van Nguyen

Dr. Yamil Mercedes

Dr. Ylumina De Leon

Kamilla Batista (Assistant)


Saturday – Sunday With the Help of 47 Local Dentists From “Ministerio Ayudando a Sonreir”

100 Partial removable prosthesis RPD

10 Complete Dentures

12 Denture Repair/Adjustment

1 Temporary Bridge

632 Extractions

512 Prophylaxis

33 Anterior Root Canals

13 Posterior Root Canals

4 Fixed Bridge

189 Operatives

6 Anterior Veneer Case


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Canton, MA 02021




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