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Hispanic International Mission (HIM) successfully hosted Give Kids a Smile event (February 27th, 2020) at Fuller Middle School - Flyers After School Program, Framingham. It is hard to describe with words how wonderful was this event held in a fantastic program lead by Dr. Viera.



Over 184 children were treated and received health education workshops with prizes, dinner, and free take-home oral care supplies; 38 children received age-appropriate diagnostic/preventive oral care and were referred to Edward Kennedy Community Health Center in Framingham.



Our team was composed of 16 dental professionals volunteers who donated their time and services to this noble cause. Our team was of 16 dental professionals volunteers who donated their time and services.



Our special thanks to those who made this incredible event possible. Dr. Viera (@nayagaraviera) for the initiative, organization, and coordination. Massachusetts Dental Society, Avidia Bank; Colgate and Oral-B/Crest for their generous donation and supplies. Also, Fuller Middle School and Flyer After School (@Framingham Public Schools CRD) who support our mission. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful!

H.I.M Volunteer Members 
Dr. Aidee Nieto-Herman – President  of  H.I.M
Dr. Nayagara Viera – Assist Executive Director H.I.M  / Coordinator Fuller Flyer After School 
• Dr. Zuzana Mendez - Vice-President of H.I.M
• Dr. Ana-Gabriela Benghiac
• Dr. Gustavo Macedo
• Dr. Juliana Lima de Macedo
• Rayana Martins, RHA 
• Maria Luisa Emiliano-Matias , Dental Student 
• Dr. Fernanda Moraes
• Dr. Tania Silva
• Dr. Carlena Almanzar 
• Dr.  Austria Oliver  
• Dr. Pablo Pinheiro
• Dr. Shivani Patel
• Dr. Romao Tormena 
• Dr. Melissa Vasquez

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