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After the successful 2nd dental career symposium. HIM is mentioned in the website publication "El Planeta" with the title: "Working as a dentist in Massachusetts? This program can help you."

"On June 25, the second edition of the Hispanic International Mission (HIM) Conference on Dentistry was held at Tufts University, an annual event organized by Dr. Aidee Nieto-Herman.

Dr. Nieto-Herman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Periodontology, as well as the President and CEO of HIM. During the meeting, the doctor spoke about the mentor training program for foreign dentists in the US with the aim of promoting dentistry as a career for minorities."

Follow the link below to read the full article.



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A very productive day...

         Dr. Aidee Nieto-Herman presented a lecture where she successfully explained how mission trips and community service work and how any dental student (pre- and post-school) can find these opportunities to travel and do this community service work during their career.

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