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Board of Directors

We apologize. We are working to bring you up to date information about us.

1. Dr. Scott Daigle 

2. Dr. Aidee Nieto Herman 
Former President/Founder/CEO


3. Dr. Jesse L. Abreu 


4. Dr. Nayagara Viera 
Assistant Vice-President


5. Dr. Reimy Evangelista 
Executive Director


6. Dr. Derlyn Ortega 
Assistant Executive Director


7. Rayana Martins, RDH 


8. Dr. Pablo P. Machado 
Assistant Treasure


9. Dr. Cesar G. Heleno 


10. Maria Luisa Emiliano 
Social Media Manager


11. Dr. Carlena Almanzar 
Assistant Social Media


12. Dr. Ada Alfonso 


13. Dr. Ana Seith 
Assistant Clerk


14. Dr. Marcela V. Ferreira 
Assistant Research Coordinator

Board of Trustees

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